God incarnates Himself as man and teaches people the path of devotion. He exhorts people to cultivate self-surrender to God. Following the path of devotion, one realizes everything through His grace both Knowledge and Supreme Wisdom….Two things are necessary for the realization of God; faith and self-surrender. Man is ignorant by nature. Errors are natural to him. Can a one-seer pot hold four seers of milk? Whatever path you may follow, you must pray to God with a restless heart. He is the Ruler of the soul within. He will surely listen to your prayer if it is sincere. Whether you follow the ideal of the Personal God or that of the Impersonal Truth, you will realize God alone, provided you are restless for Him. A cake with icing tastes sweet whether you eat it straight or sidewise.


10.00 am    Formal Worship of Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada and Swami Vivekananda

11.20 am    Sri Ramakrishna Naama Sankirtana

11.45 am    Discourse on “Applying Sri Ramakrishna’s Teachings in our Everyday Life

12.15 pm    Bhajans

12.30 pm    Guided Meditation

12.45 pm    Arati

12.55 pm    Pushpanjali

1.00 pm      Prasad

This invitation to register for the retreat is ONLY for you and your initiated family members. Please do not share this invitation with others. We have limited capacity at the retreat centre. Please book within 2-3 days before the seats are released for to others.


Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre
27 Arawa Street, New Lynn, Auckland

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