The highest goal of our lives is to realise our Divine Self which is of the essence of infinite Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Freedom, Beauty, Purity and Immortality. The whole universe and its living beings are a manifestation of the Divine Energy (Shakti) of the Supreme Consciousness.  Spiritual practices are designed towards intensification and control of this energy within us to expedite our spiritual evolution.

Japa (repetition of mantras) and meditation are traditional spiritual practices to quicken the awakening of the divinity within us.

The aim of this weekend spiritual retreat is to study the science of mantras and their proper utilisation in our daily sadhana. Participants will  have better clarity regarding the efficacy of mantras such as:

  1. About mantras: What mantras are, the source of mantras, the power of mantras, the application of mantras etc.
  2. Japa: Practical suggestions on the application of mantras in sadhana.
  3. Integration of Japa with meditation.

Registration and Participation

You may participate as follows:

  1. Resident Participant: There is limited accommodation at the venue for participants from outside Auckland to be booked on first-come first-serve basis.
  2. Day participants: Auckland participants are requested to attend from their homes.
  3. Online Participants via Zoom:  Join us via Zoom.

Preparation for the Retreat

After registration you are requested to join our RETREAT GROUP (below) where you will meet fellow participants. We will share resources to help you prepare for the retreat.