About Ritam Wellness

Mental well-being is a crucial aspect of life, one that has an immense impact on our society and productivity. It is essential to tackle this issue head-on, as stress and tension can cause serious harm to both our inner and outer selves. While traditional methods such as counselling, psychiatry and medication may offer relief to some, we believe they do not address the underlying problem within.

Fortunately, we believe there is an alternative solution available to everyone within themselves.

Our comprehensive mind-management expertise helps empower individuals to access the capabilities that already exist within themselves in the spiritual dimension of their own being. By turning our minds inwards and developing concentration through meditation, we integrate our mind to core of our being and thus achieve greater balance, poise, and rhythm in our lives. This approach is not only practical and highly effective, but also spiritual, requiring only a firm belief in oneself and regular practice. Let us take the first step towards true inner peace and unlock our immense potential.

Awakening the Spiritual Intelligence within us

Albert Einstein once said, “We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking that we were at when we created those problems.”

To illustrate this, take six matchsticks and try to form four equilateral triangles with them. As long as we make the attempt on a flat two-dimensional surface, we will get only two triangles using five matchsticks with only one to spare. However, the solution is arrived at as soon as we transition to three dimensions and form a triangular pyramid!

Likewise, the solution to mental well-being becomes available only when we are ready to transition to the next higher spiritual dimension of ourselves. Meditation awakens the spiritual intelligence (Buddhi), the witness of the mind-space. This awakened intelligence is a finer tool to control the thought process, emotions, etc. to gain mastery over the mind. Spiritual intelligence is the light of the inner self that illuminates and facilitates better management of the thought process, emotions, etc. Meditation strengthens willpower to exercise greater control over the activities of the mind and body. Meditation endows self-mastery. 

True peace is possible only through freedom FROM the slavery to the body, senses and mind; not freedom OF the body, senses and mind.

The Science of Human Excellences

Through thousands of years of spiritual exploration, Vedic scientists developed techniques to delve within themselves and explore the inner space, discovering that we are all spiritual beings of the nature of Absolute Pure Consciousness. We are not merely human beings, but spiritual beings having human experiences.

Their discoveries form the basis of Vedanta philosophy – the “Science of human excellences” – which explains how our multidimensional personalities are layered over our eternal spiritual being. Beyond our individualities lies the infinite Ocean of our Universal Self, a realm of Infinite Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, peace, beauty, strength, and freedom that is available to all who seek it. This is our divine birthright – let us all embrace it and make the most of it.

Ritam: the Principle of Cosmic Order and harmony

The Vedic term Ritam signifies the boundless cosmic energy and principle that is responsible for upholding order, harmony, and balance both within and outside of us. Our heart and mind are at ease when we vibrate in sync with the CENTER of this universal force dwelling within us. The spiritual intelligence (Buddhi) serves as a medium for the power of our true Self to flow into our mind. Meditation is an avenue for nurturing and strengthening this channel of spiritual intelligence.

The external world constantly exerts a draining influence on our energy levels through our senses and body, which often depletes us. The mind cannot replenish itself from within if the spiritual intelligence (Buddhi) has not been nurtured and developed adequately.

Challenges such as stress, tension, conflicts, and dis-ease will inevitably confront us. Our failure to recuperate from these issues primarily stems from our inability to tap into the required power within us. This is often a result of lack of awareness and inadequate nurturing of the conduit through which this energy flows. Regrettably, our schooling and training restrict us to external aids only, perpetuating our ignorance of the true path to inner peace and happiness!

The practice of meditation enhances the spiritual intelligence and turns it into a channel for the eternal, omniscient, joyous, and pure power of our true Self, which in turn will invigorate our thoughts, words, and activities. The more we integrate with our inner Self, the more resilient we will become to the external world. This is the only way towards true and long-lasting happiness, peace, strength, and freedom.

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

Swami Vivekananda proclaimed, “Let every man and woman and child, without respect of caste or birth, weakness or strength, hear and learn that behind the strong and the weak, behind the high and the low, behind everyone, there is that Infinite Soul, assuring the infinite possibility and the infinite capacity of all to become great and good.

Let us proclaim to every soul: Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached. Arise, awake! Awake from this hypnotism of weakness. None is really weak; the soul is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient. Stand up, assert yourself, proclaim the Divine within you, do not deny Him! De-hypnotise yourselves. The way to do that is found in your own sacred books.

Teach yourselves, teach everyone their real nature, call upon the sleeping soul and see how it awakes. Power will come, glory will come, goodness will come, purity will come and everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping soul is roused to self-conscious activity.”

Ritam Wellness Program to Promote Wellbeing

Based on the above ideas, our meditation-based mind-management techniques offer an alternative approach to addressing mental well-being challenges. Over the last decade, we have gained valuable experience and expertise in training students in Fiji and Australia. The Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre in Auckland has undertaken a project with the goal of making these teachings available to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to better manage their minds, emotions, values, etc. so that they may live meaningful, peaceful, and productive lives.

Our Strategic Plan

Our approach to promoting wellness is population-based, built on the foundation of collaborative partnerships with educators, parents, wellness professionals in corporations, community leaders, and others. We aim to share our meditation-based wellness knowledge and expertise and work with our partners to co-create solutions to meet their unique needs. We will kick off by offering online courses, podcasts, and other accessible resources. The second part of our training program consists of immersive in-person workshops, retreats, and other opportunities at our Vedanta Wellness Retreat Centre. Our program is registered and certified for authenticity and quality, and we provide continuing support and professional development for our wellness staff.

Alignment with the NZ Government strategic plan

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant adverse effect on the mental health crisis worldwide. The New Zealand Government’s strategic response, Kia Manawanui Aotearoa, outlines a long-term pathway to mental well-being and invites everyone to play their part for the mental well-being of all New Zealanders. Kia Manawanui focuses on a population-based approach to mental well-being with five focus areas. The following focus areas 2 and 3 from the report are relevant to this project:

FOCUS AREA 2: Equipping communities, whānau, and individuals to look after their own mental wellbeing by strengthening the focus on public health messaging so everyone knows about the free self-help tools and supports available.

FOCUS AREA 3: Fostering community-led solutions by acknowledging that communities best understand their local conditions and thus supporting community-led services that get results.

Read the full report HERE.