About RitamGlobal

RitamGlobal is designed to be our online global platform to actively engage our devotees, friends and well-wishers to practically implement the Ramakrishna Mission’s  motto of “for one’s own liberation and for the welfare of the world(Atmano-mokshartam – jagad-hitaya cha) by participating in our services to the communities. 

The two-fold aims of RitamGlobal are to support the platform members with the Yoga-Vedanta teachings and skill-sets to (1) Discover” their inner divinity through spiritual practices and then (2) Engage with the society in the spiritual service of the Divine in human beings.

The RitamGlobal is a social Facebook-like community engagement service delivered via our website and APP. It has two components:

RitamMeditation services

RitamMeditation is designed to promote the holistic wellbeing of individuals to nourish, exercise and strengthen the emotional, mental, ethical and spiritual dimensions of their personality through Yoga-Vedanta knowledge and practices. It is our response to the increasing wellbeing challenges in the society.

RitamMeditation courses and mind-management techniques will be designed in a universal, non-religious, engaging and relevant way for the following age groups (1) Children (2) Adolescents (3) Youth and (4) Adults. It aims to facilitate a fuller and harmonious development of the triangle of the heart, head and hands (emotional, intellectual and practical dimensions) anchored in a deep connection with the inner Divine Self. It applies the science of rhythm entrainment to harness the collective mental and spiritual energies generated when many minds resonate harmoniously on a particular and then giving the opportunity to meditators to tune in and surf this tidal wave of spiritual energy that will circulate around the earth daily. We will explain these ideas later in more detail. In brief, RitamMeditation aims to manifest the Divine within us through a spiritual collective (satsang).

SaradaMeals services

The SaradaMeals is designed to  give an opportunity to “worship the Divine in others.” Generous Meal Donors will offer to daily cook an extra one or two meals and deliver the same weekly to a needy Meal Recipient in their locality. Both donors and recipients will register and provide necessary information to enable the group coordinator to identify and introduce the most suitable meal donor-recipient pairs based on recommendations by the APP. Donors will offer to daily cook one or two additional meals as part of their cooking, pack them in containers and freeze them.  Each service will be managed in local group, headed by a local Coordinator. Once the donor-recipient pairs are linked, they will communicate through the RitamG App and once a week, the donors will deliver the packed meals to the near by recipients. The meal statistics will be presented on their pages via infographics etc. and collated at group, city, country and global levels.

Some features of these services are as follows:

    • RitamGlobal is a digital platform: Anyone, anywhere can participate anytime. Thus we are not restricted to our locality but we can serve and support a wider circle of people.
    • Expansion is life; contraction is Death: The purpose of Karma-Yoga is to facilitate chitta-suddhi (purification of heart and mind) through cultivation of kindness, compassion, sacrifice and unselfishness by active service of the divinity in others. 

RitamGlobal admin will engage with and support the members by providing spiritual teachings, inspiration, guidance to progress in their spiritual journey. By engaging in both the RitamMeditation and SaradaMeals programs, members will have an opportunity to participate in the overall network of Vedanta Services of the Ramakrishna Mission from their own homes and locality.

RiramGlobal website and APP are currently in the development stage by software programmers. 

If you like this program and wish to support its implementation, then please DONATE towards the development costs. Your support will be most helpful to launch this project.

We will provide more details on the vision, mission and scientific principles behind this initiative in due course. Watch this space.